One day, on Christmas, Papa Louie woke up. Papa Louie: Roy! It's Christmas! (in a happy face) Roy feels sleepy. Roy: Papa Louie im sleepy... (in a sleepy face) Papa Louie: Come on boy. (pulling him from the bed) Later that morning Big Pauly came. Big Pauly gave his present to Papa Louie. Papa Louie: Umm...peppers thanks Big Pauly...(in a nervous face) When everyone opened thier presents Papa Louie was watching T.V Papa Louie got a call from bakeria to help make Christmas cookies and to bring Roy to. Papa Louie: Yes! well be there bye! He hung up. Roy: Whats the big hold up? Papa Louie: Go get change were going to the bakeria and make cookies. When they got there they zoomed to the kitchen and started baking. When it closed the boss let them take cookies home and said"merry christmas" and they left. When they went home they ate cookies and went to bed and said merry christmas to each other. the end &nbsp