Cecilia: Where am i, stupid dog, you did this to my iPod, i'll kill ya.

Marty: What.

Alberto: Sis.

Cooper: Excusez Moi, that was rude.

Bruna: i beg yo stop calling me a bitch or i'll hang up on you, that poop is disgusting, clean up this mess right now or i'll call the police!

Zoe: (Gasping) she fell down...oh my god, she pee on my skirt, yuck, i wipe it up

Foodini: Way to go, this is awesome.

Cecilia: Excuse Me, that was polite, your cook is taste like bananas or something, it smells Awesome, or if its something that my mom told us to get today, the Chopstick 1000, Buy one today, or you'll f*ck me up with my exercising, Carlo, call me maybe if you like to come with me today, you'll fuck me up, don't give up until i beg down on my knees and i scream and i call the police and i want Carlo to kiss me, hell yeah, this was my place, and i do or face my bed and i lay on it like this, i'm a stripper, and Carlo was kissing me, for copying my pictures of my cousin, my cousin was pointing at me and my best friend, my sister will find me at recess, and don't even think of playing football with my boyfriend because you are a winner, not a loser, cause i don't see myself everyday, if i make this putt, i win, here my chart if you get a life with me and my cousin or i'll hug you, i've heard they need some help because i am so excited.

Foodini: Cecilia, i'll take that sheet if you do eat your lunch, just go ahead.

Cecilia: it's not what it looks like, please don't.

Mindy: What's Wrong, Cecilia, You're So Sad.

Cecilia: Okay.

Zoe: Just look what i found, my swag stickers for you, Cecilia, your dad will love it.

Mindy: Uh, i love it.

Cecilia: i love it too.

Foodini: Who is talking about Swag.

Kayla: -On School Loudspeaker- Cecilia, Please Check My Office.

Kingsley: My Best Friend made some chicken breast nuggets for you.

Vicky: Let Me See.

Hugo: Hurry Up Before The Bell Rings.

Cecilia: -Eat 1 Chicken Breast Nuggets- Nom Nom, this isn't that bad.

Maggie: -laughing- you have to share.

Cecilia: Okay.

Clover: haha, you have nothing on your plate.

Lisa: Grrrr!

Peggy: Hey, i want one.

Roy: Riot, Enough, Silence.

Cecilia: huh?

Maggie: Start Eating?

Cecilia: -Burp- i feel better.

Peggy: -Burp- Me Too.

Vicky: Times Up! Go Outside!

Clover, Lisa, Utah, Sasha,  Peggy, Roy, Cecilia, Mindy, & Maggie: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Xandra: Okay, That's Enough.


Ivy: -Blow Whistle- Hey, Xandra, Leave Xolo's Pants Alone.

Xolo: Whoa, Ow.

Xandra: Sorry.

Ivy: Xandra!

Xandra: Sorry.

Clair: Hey, Ivy, Check This Out, So Pretty

Xolo: Ow, Ow, Ow, My Head, Ow.


Yippy: -singing to Nick- Ohhh the reason I hold on, Ohhh cause i need this hole gone, Funny you're the broken one But i'm the only one who needed saving, Cause when you never see the light It's hard to know which one of us is caving, Not really sure how to feel about it, Something in the way you move, Makes me feel like, I can't live without you, It takes me all the way, I want you to stay, stay, I want you to stay, ohhh.

Everyone: -Applause-

The End