(In Cecilia's Bad Dream)

Cecilia: Pop? Pop? Pop?

(Cecilia Hears Rico's Scream)

Cecilia: POP!

(Sees A Dead Rico)

Cecilia: POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Cecilia Starts Crying Then Cecilia Wakes Up And Rushes To The Quadruplets Bedroom Then She Trips And Makes A Loud Thud And Wakes Theme Up)

Kahuna: Cecilie?

Rico: Cecilia Is That You?

Franco: Cecil?

Hugo: Cecilia Rico's Hija You Ok?

(Kahuna Turns On The Lights)

Rico: What Is It Hija?

Cecilia: I Had A Terrible Dream That You Died

Rico: Come Here Cecilia

(Cecilia Climbs In Rico's Bed And Rico Rubs Her Comfortbly And Cecilia Falls Asleep On His Stomach And

Rico: (chuckles) Good Night Cecilie