• Outside Cecilia's Bad Dream
  • Inside Cecilia's Bad Dream
  • Cecilia Telling Lisa About Her Bad Dream
  • Rico Conforting Cecilia
(in cecilia's bad dream)

Cecilia is at the movies with the Teen Brigade

(In the movie)

Cecilia: Were Am I?l

Rita : This is very secret, Dad is closing down Wingeria to make way for Rico's Chiliria Number 2

Cecilia :But its my favorite restaurant

Rita : "Its not very good, they are going to do it about.....NOW

Cecilia runs away from the movies screaming

Cecilia wakes up from her bad dream

Rita : What, Cecilia

Cecilia : I had a bad dream where Dad closed down Wingeria to make Chiliria (Mark Two)

Rita : Thats OK

(Cecilia Starts To Cry)

Cecilia: No It's Not Ok I Love Papa's Wingeria And Uncles Georgito and Kahuna Will Not Allow Dad To Close Down The Wingerina

(Lisa Wakes Up)

Lisa: What's All The Whining About?

Rita: Cecilia Had A Very Bad Dream That Dad Closed The Wingeria

(Alberto, Wendy, Kahuna, Georgito, Rico, Franco and Hugo Wakes Up)

Alberto: What Did You Do Rita?

Rita: Nothing

Alberto: Then Why's Cecilia Crying And Lisa's Worried Oh Wait That's Normal

(The Spot Quintuplets and Wendy Comes In)

All Five Quintuplets: What Going On Here Kids?

Lisa: Cecilia Had A Bad Dream That Uncle Rico Shutted Down The Wingeria To Make His Chiliria No. 2

Rico: What? I Would Never Do That I Only Do That At Road Houses!

(Rico Sits Down and Cecilia Gets Out Of Bed And Hugs Her Father Then Lisa Hug's Her Father Even Thoght She Did Not Had A Bad Dream)

Rico and Franco: You Kids Can Go Back To Sleep

(Cecilia Gets Back Into Bed and Falls Asleep And Lisa Tucks Herself In And Goes Back To Sleep Then Alberto And Rita Lays Down And Goes Back To Sleep Then The Quintuplets Leaves The Room And Wendy Turns Off The Light And Closes The Door) The Next Night The Spot Children Where All Asleep In Bed When They Heard Something

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