I'm making a series called "Differences in the Same Thing". This is so far the 1st chapter of it.

A Story Where I Won't Type Like This Typing Like This Is Terrible

CoolA: Alright, just start the song. It's not like anyone will notice.

Ray: *closing windows*

Rai: Okay! *turns on music*

CoolA, Ray, and Rai: *dancing girly* *singing out loud* TOKYO, SEOUL, LONDON, NEW YORK! BLAH BLAH BLAH WE DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!

Alberto: *walking by* Oh no....not them again! Of course, they're up to something, or just listening to bad, talentless, and girly JPOP or KPOP-

  • random anvil thrown at Alberto*

Alberto: OW! *faints*

CoolA: *pauses music* THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T ACCEPT OUR OPINIONS, JERK! Oh wait, he isn't alive yet. GOOD!

  • taxi drops off 2 people*

Some Random Person That I Won't Introduce Yet Number 1: Ha. That guy totally got pummeled.

Some Random Person That I Won't Introduce Yet Number 2, And Also I'll Stop Typing Like This, Okay? Happy Now?: I know right. This place is better than we thought!



  • The song I was singing with Ray and Rai was 'Mr. Taxi' by SNSD.
    • Yes, that song made me inspired.
      • The song title is in the title of the first chapter of DITST.