This is the 5th episode of HCL.


Penny: Ok.. I can do this.. *walks nervously to her locker* 

Random girl: *Gasp*

Random Girl 2#: *Gasp*


Mindy: *gasp*

Maggie: *gasp*

Brandi: NO. WAY.

Brandi: UUUUUGGGH >:(

Penny: Hey guys!

Rita: Penny, people are staring at you.... ALOT OF PEOPLE.

Mindy: No!

Maggie: No!

Brandi: What a wannabe!! She looks so fake!


Brandi: You were saying?

Mindy: oh! I mean, that outfit is so trashy... yuck!

Maggie: Yeah, what a loser! She probably got surgery or something

Brandi: surgery.... MAGGIE YOU ARE A GENIUS!

Penny: Aw great, incoming barbie doll

Brandi: hey Penny! Must've been a really expenssive surgery! I mean, surgery usually takes month to recover from!

Penny: You would know, Brandi, sorry not everyone needs plastic surgery to look good -_-

Rita and Mary: ooooooooooh

Random Guy: OWNAGE!!!

Brandi: Oh really? Well at least I didn't borrow my hair color from a carrot!

Penny: you're right Brandi, it looks like you borrowed it from a banana


Random guy 2#: Oh no she did not!

Brandi: Perhaps you aren't familiar with the term "blonde" and it is a way better color than RED!

Penny: Replace the aren't with "I", the blonde with red, and the red with BLONDE! And BTW, stop talking to yourself Brandi ;)

Brandi: AH- GRR! *leaves*

Mary: Penny, that was pretty amazing!

Rita: yeah! No one's ever stood up to Brandi like that!

Penny: Ever?

Mary: Nope! And people are totally staring at you! You look amazing!

Penny: I can't thank you enough for doing this...

Rita: it was our pleasure :) And on thing is for sure, Brandi's got some comptition!

Penny: What?! No way!

Mary: Uh yeah way! And you can be the on to bring her down!

Penny: What do you mean by, bring her down?

Mary: Um, hello?

Rita: Over throw her, plot her downfall, become the new queen!

Penny: What? Just because I am pretty

Rita: um yeah, that's kind of how it works...

  • bell rings*

Rita: Just think about it Penny, the most popular girl in the school could be you... See you guys later!

Mary and Penny: Bye!

Mary: come on penny! English

  • At english*

Alberto: *talking to his friends* *turns around and looks at Penny and Mary* Whoa..

Penny: *sits down in the same place as yesterday*

Maggie: that stupid little..

  • receives a text*

Maggie: Huh?


Maggie: Umm...? *replies*

Text: Maggie: How? What do I do?

Maggie: um.. what to do, what to do..

Text: Brandi: IDK! THINK YOU NINCOMPOOP! I'll ask Mindy

Maggie: What?

Text: Mindy: 1 word: Ink

Maggie: *gasp* oooooh >:)

Alberto: *turns around and looks at Maggie*

Maggie: oh, good bye lucky pen... Hey Penny!

Penny: um.. Hi?

Maggie: Hey!

  • everyone gasp*

Mary: oh no...

Penny: *speechless*

Maggie: *sarcastically* oh my gosh Penny! I am SO sorry! My pen must've exploded >:)

Georgito: oh my.. would you like to go to the office to clean that up?

Penny: um... sure...

Maggie: oh! I'll go with her!

Alberto: um, no I'll go

Maggie: oh no, it was MY fault, I will go

Alberto: Actually maggie I think I have this under control. Come on

Penny: Um OK...

Maggie: *in head* FUUUUUUUU-

  • At the office*

Penny: uh... hi?

Alberto: *laughs* Hi. Maggie did that on purpose you know. If she came with you she would have made things worse

Penny: Really? she seems so sincere! I thought it was on accident!

Alberto: Hardly.. Maggie's not exactly the nicest person

Penny: Oh yeah.. I guess I should have known...

Alberto: I dope that ink isn't going to come off easily you should probably phone home

Penny: yeah.. I'll go to the office

Alberto: No cell phone?

penny: No, i'm not allowed. Lame right?

Alberto: Nah, here you can use mine! *gives her his cell*

Penny: Thank you!

Alberto: it's no problem

Penny: *dials number* Hello, Mom?

Mom: yeah?

Penny: can you please pick me up?

Mom: Why?

Penny: Well... Some girl ... sprayed ink on me..

Mom: OK, I'll be right there

Penny: Thanks mom! Bye! *gives phone back to Alberto*

Alberto: *takes it* I'm Alberto by the way

Penny: I know! I mean.. I'm Penny!

Alberto: *laughs* i know. Your name pretty much made the entire round of the school before first period. Pretty impressive I must say! ;)

Penny; *laughs* thanks!

Alberto: You're new here, right?

Penny: yeah..

Alberto: that;s cool, Well hey, I'll tell Georgito you left. See you around, Penny! *leaves*

Penny: thanks Al! love you! I mean- See you soon! * n head* STUPID D:<

  • At home*

Penny: *on the phone with Rita and Mary* Guys.. I think I like someone

Mary: EEEE!! Who?!

Rita:  a Boy?

Penny: Oh please obviously a boy! I'm not a lesbian, guys..

Rita and Mary: WHO?!?!

Penny: Alberto!

Mary: EEE! *faints*

Rita: Um... mary you OK?

Mary: yeah yeah.. just a shock fall... But I can't blame you, penny! he is a total HOTTY! I can't believe he lend you his cell!

Penny: guys, it's not that big of a deal!

Rita: Penny you should totally go for him.

Penny: What?! He's with Brandi.

Rita: SO?!

Penny: Wouldn't that be wrong?

Rita: it's not like Brandi's some kind of saint.

Mary: Are they even officially together?! All they do is make out in the hallway and that's it -_-

Penny: Brandi would be realy ticked off, though

Rita: So who cares?

Mary: take the King away from the Queen and she doesn't have much left ;)

Penny: He probably doesn't like me...

Rita: yeah right!

mary: yeah, Penny! you are a total hotty!!

Rita: You'd be one sted closer to over throwing Brandi!!

Penny: Ok.. I guess..

Mary: So you will try?

Penny: of course :)

Mary and Rita: Yay!

Mom: Penny?

Penny; Oh um, guys, I got to go, bye!

Mom: Hi honey, dinner is ready!

Penny: Oh um... no thanks! i'm not hungry!!

Mom: Penny, we need to talk about this

Penny: What is there to talk about?

Mom: honey, we both know something is up with you, you didn't eat dinner on Saturday and you hardly ate anything all Sunday is there something wrong?

Penny: No, there's nothing wrong!

Mom: Pen pen, I'm not stupid. Is there something you want to talk about?

Penny: no, nothing! I'm great mom!

Mom: Are you sure about that?

Penny: yes mom, I'm completely sure!

Mom: *sigh* OK honey, you look great and I hope you know that. I want you at the dinner table in 5 minutes, no excuses.

Penny: OK Mom

Mom: OK *leaves*

Penny: oh great..... she's on to me :( I'm going to have to start eating in front of her *goes downstairs to the dinner table*

Penny: smels good, mom!

Mom: yes it does and boy am I hungry. Sit down honey

Penny: *sits down* Where's dad?

Mom: he had a meeting. he will be back soon.

Penny: Oh Ok...

Mom: *eating*

Penny: *eating* hmm... *pretending to eat*

Mom: This is delicious!


Mom: I'll get the door *opens it* hello?

???????: Hello (blah blah blah blah)

Penny: OMG that sounds like... *gasp* *gets food and throws it in the trash*

Mom: *comes back* it was just a package for your father. Wow! you were hungry! You finished pretty quick

Penny: Yup! I was very hungry!! ...

Mom: i am so relieved!

Penny: Don't worry about me, mom :) I just wasn't feeling well on the weekend

Mom: Well I'm very glad you are better? Would you like some dessert?

Penny: um... *in head* I cant help but saying... no... yes...? *normal* yes pleas emom! I mean! GUH! *facepalm*

Mom: OK I will bring it to you

Penny: oh mom you don't have to do that...

Mom:  no no, I'll get it, don't worry

Penny: *lays in bed* Oh.. it doesnt feel well lying to her

Mom: *comes with strawberry shortcake (THE FOOD!!!)*

Penny: Wow Strawberry shortcake, you didn't have to mom..

Mom: Don't worry! It took really long and hard to make so I hope you like it, darling :) *leaves*

Penny: *gulp!* Oh um.. Thanks! *throws it in the trash* Ugh... I feel horrible... she took all her time to make me dessert... I don't deserve a mom like her... But it will be worth it when I'm skinnier than Brandi....