(in Bruna's dream cloud Bruna was at the pizzeria)

Bruna: Roy my usual pizza

Roy: ok Bruna, (Roy goes into the pizzeria kitchin) let's see Bruna doesn't like anchovies so i'll give her anchovies.

(Roy puts anchovies on her pizza)

Roy: your pizza B.R.

(Bruna sees anchovies on her pizza)


(Bruna Goes To The Cupcakeria)

Bruna: hello James i would like...

James: anchovie cupcakes

Bruna: Ahh...wait a sec...(Bruna points at James and shows her evil nail to him), I know you don't make anchovie cupcakes I want my usual cupcakes now or else!

James: yes mrs. B.R.

(James makes Bruna's cupcakes and gives theme to her)

Bruna: thank you

(Bruna leaves the cupcakeria and opens her bag and sees James did a pretty good job)

Bruna: for a football loving handyman he sure can make good cupcakes for famous people

(Bruna wakes up)

Bruna: Ugh, what a dream.

(Bruna looks at a sleeping Carlo)

Bruna: Wake Up

(Bruna scratches his face)

Carlo: AOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW that hurt.

Bruna: What? (looks at nails) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd better go clip them. (clips nails) Ah. That's better. (goes back to sleep)