• DanielBitten

    Wiki Closing

    January 15, 2019 by DanielBitten

    Hello guys, we are taking off the message. so i will  delete it

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  • DanielBitten
    • Iris: Yeah i know Shiny, The Sun is so hard
    • Shiny: Really?, Iris?
    • Iris: Oh for sure. You mean, This Moana is crazy!!!

    that is deleted in 4kids

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  • DanielBitten

    Who made it?

    January 2, 2019 by DanielBitten


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  • Adiwow0916

    IW Parody Characters

    December 31, 2018 by Adiwow0916
    • Cooper - IM/TS
    • James - T
    • Marty - CA/SR
    • Big Pauly - H/BB
    • Scooter - BW/NR
    • Greg - SM/PP
    • Ninjoy - BP/TC
    • Pinch Hitwell - O
    • Robby - WS/BB
    • Chuck - DS/SS
    • Taylor - W
    • Tony - ST/PQ
    • Mandi - G
    • Rico - DD
    • Xandra - RR
    • Xolo - G
    • Quinn - N
    • Penny - SW/WM
    • Alberto - V
    • Georgito - WM/JM
    • Ivy - F/SW
    • Roy - S
    • Radley Madish - T
    • Pepper Jack - EM
    • Sarge - CG
    • Rad Pamana - PM
    • Luau LePunch - CO
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  • Anthony045

    New Games

    New Customers

    fix wiki badges

    fix things on mediawiki

    edit pages of games and characters

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  • Petpower123


    May 30, 2018 by Petpower123

    Who deleted my tournament? It was a sequel to my Versus Tournament. It had a division called Berry Division. Here's a picture that was in the article. I'm really upset because I'm active again on this wiki and this tournament took me ages to make.

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  • 4hrue2kd83f

    Hi, CreeperSlimePig here. New news:

    • The main page has been massively overhauled.
    • Vote now at the Fandom Customers Tournament 2018!
    • Please mark all pages by anons with .
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  • 21EvanED155508

    Crazy Tawain

    May 17, 2018 by 21EvanED155508
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  • 21EvanED155508

    Hi everyone, I don't think any of you have noticed but, it's been a long time since the final round started, but I am gladly to announce that Li Shang and Fa Mulan are the winners of the PNC2017 although it ended in 2018. Anyway, the won and beated Fred Jones and Daphne Blake. They will be the new chefs to work with Matt and Clover at Papa's Sushiria in Papa's Sushiria Deluxe Edition! 

    Stay in tune for more sneaks!



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  • Impala2016Susan

    When the next years Fandom Customers Tournament arrives we are going to try to make better customers and technically thats not all. Now we all need to learn that if somones character has more votes than our own doesnt mean we go asking "Do you like Unknown",We all need to have more understanding of not to be so greedy about our customers having the most. Also not just that, but we have to understand and realize if the user likes the other customer better yours, do not get upset and don't go writing negative comments especially when having CAPS LOCK. CAPS LOCK will bring you to more punishment, If your customer doesn't win, then just feel ok. It is very rude to force someone to vote for you customer just because no one votes for it, of cour…

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