Big Pauly: Forget you idiot, just shut up.

Teacher: Alright, Big Pauly, Principal's Office?

Kingsley: Pauly?

Big Pauly:What?

Kingsley:Go to the principals office

Big Pauly:Oh man.

(Big pauly goes to the principals office,and to his surprise,the principal is sasha)

(Big Pauly Chews His Gum In Sasha Alica Kay's Office)

Big Pauly: I'm sorry.

Sasha:Shut up is prohibited here. 2 hour Detention.

Big Pauly: Fine loser

Sasha: Umm..... Excuse me, I am now going to double your detention for saying loser.

Big Pauly: (rolls eyes)

Sasha: You know what you big fat dum-dum, I hate you and your fat body in this school, so I am going to expell you from this school, hear that?

Big Pauly: Okay. (cries)