Big Pauly: We gotta emergency.

Sasha: Big Pauly, stop copying me!

(Big Pauly throws a stinkbomb On Sasha)

Sasha: Ewwww, Pe-ew, what's that smell! pauly!

Big Pauly: I didn't do anything?

Sasha: yeah you did that to me and you threw a stinkbomb at me, I HATE YOU, STUPID FATTY, just shut up and get out of here!!!

(Sasha Talk Smack To Big Pauly)

Big Pauly: Oh no, you can't believe you did that to me, i will tell your parents about this?:'(

Sasha: Look, he's a loser, hahahahahaha.

Big Pauly: Sasha, you attack me again, i'm going to tell your parents.

Sasha: i'm sorry

(Pauly Tells Sasha's Parents)

Big Pauly: And then sasha talks smack to me?

Kingsley: Whoa, thank you for an impology, shes in big trouble now, you can go home now

Clair: Sasha, how dare you talk smack to pauly, you should say to him i'm sorry?

Sasha: Look, Big Pauly, it's all my fault, you say to me then i'm sorry.

Big Pauly: That's ok. but it is not your fault

Scooter: Sasha, How dare you talk smack to Pauly

Sasha: What did you say.

Scooter: I said "How dare you talk smack to Pauly". You're grounded.

Big Pauly: Sasha, you attack Scooter, say to her you're sorry.

Taylor: Hey, you step away from my sister or you'll be grounded.

Sasha: Scooter, i am very sorry.

Scooter: That's okay.

Penny: Taylor, Start away from him, he's nice.