&nbsp Big Pauly(Paul): I feel like a meal

has good food

(Sam leaves)

Paul: Hi Roy one of your lovely Pizzas

Roy: Already made in for you, topped with only olives

Paul goes to Burgeria

Rita: Here, your burger with no meat and only salad

Alberto: Annd your sundae. Small blueberry sundae with strawberry -


(Pauly Wakes Up Screaming)

Pauly: Oh My What A Bad Dream

(Penny Comes In)

Penny:What Happened?

Big Pauly:I had a bad Dream about my all Trash foods become health foods.

Penny:Health is very good.

Big Pauly:Oh!Right!

Narrator:The Next Day,in Hot Doggeria.

Big Pauly:I wanna order-

Taylor:Yes!Veggie Dog in Chicago Bun,add Everyone Veggie and Small Fizzo and Small Popcorn.

Big Pauly:Yeah!i find really good Food!(eat his new hot dog)