(we see Beth asleep in her crib swetting in her dream cloud)

Beth: big brudder?, big brudder?, (hears Nick's screaming), brudder!

(beth sees nick dead)

Beth: big brudder!!! (beth starts crying)

(Beth wakes up from her bad dream crying in her crib and Nick wakes up hearing her cry)

Nick: Beth you ok shimai? your drenched in sweat did you have that dream again?

(Beth comes to Nick and Nick picks his little sister up)

Nick:'s ok osanai

(Beth settles down and goes back to sleep and Nick puts her in her crib then when Nick went back to sleep Beth woke up and stand in her crib and looked at her brother snoring then she throws one of toys at Nick)

Nick: ow! (sees Beth) Beth what are you doing up?

Beth: nana nana nana (I can't stay asleep big fat brother)

Nick: (throws Beth's toy back at her and gets out of bed and picks her up) want to sleep with me?

Beth: nama nama bama (Yes Nick Yes)

Nick: (grabs Beth's pillow and puts it next to his pillow and puts her down and Nick gets back in bed and Beth rolls over to him) *chuckles* your playing bowling ball baby arn't you Bethy? (puts Beth on his stomach) good night my little osanai i love so very much *kisses her and goes to sleep and Beth rolls off Nick and goes to sleep*