This is the second episode of my High School Series ( i don't have a name for it yet ) Penny talks to her (ex)friend Brandi, and she's in for a surprise.


Penny: Wow, who is she?

Mary: Brandi, richest and most popular girl in school, queen of the barbie dolls, captain of the cheerleading team, and Alberto's evil girlfriend. And she's a real "female dog" if you know what I mean.

Rita: Yeah, she a really bi- Oh my gosh, look at her she's practitcally throwing herself over him (BTW if you don't get it she is making out with him, like, hard-core" xD) Avert your eyes everyone, or risk being forever scarred.

Penny: WAIT A SECOND! Do you mean that's Brandi?

Mary: um.. yeah....

Penny: oh my gosh.... BRANDI! BRANDI! *chases after her*

Rita: Pen Pen!

Mary: What the heck?

Alberto: (@ Brandi) See you later

Brandi: You too, baby! *kisses him*

Alberto: *leaves*


Brandi: Huh?

Penny: Brandi! OMG! *glomp*  Oh my gosh, I'm sorry are you OK?

Maggie: Oh my gosh, Brandi? Do you like, know this loser?

Mindy: Her outfit is so totally from Target. Gross!

Brandi: *gets up and is pretty disgusted* Um....

Penny: Brandi! It's me, penny! Remember? Can you belive it? I moved too!

Brandi: *faking just so she doesn't get embarassed* Have me met?

Penny: oh, very funny, Brandi! I know!

Brandi: No? That;s what I thought, come on, girls.

Penny: OK Brandi I will let you have your little prank. See you at lunch! I'll tell you everything then!

Rita: uh.. penny? What the heck was that? You just completely humiliated yourself in fron tof the whole school

Penny: Oh no no no no! Brandi was playing a prank on me! We were bffs when we lived in Montana!

Mary: you're kidding right? -__-' Seriously??

Penny: Yeah! She's probbaly pretending not to know me just to freak me out! We always used to do that when we were kids!

Mary: you mean, you knew THE Brandi back in her elementary days??! OMG what was she like??!?!?!?! D:

Penny: Well she was pretty dorky to tell you the trurth, which explains why she would hang out with a person like me, but look at her now! She looks so gorgeous!

Rita: Wow... i'm sorry Penny, but I don't think Brandi is how she was like back then, let's just say she might now be pulling a prank after al...

Penny: What?!?!

Mary: Brandi is the emanest girl in school! She accused me of cheating so I failed my Math tenth Final and had to go to summer school!

Rita: Yeah! And at gym when I was showering she stole all my clothes and left we with nothing! I had to text Mary to rescue me!

Penny: No! Brandi would never do anything like that!!

Rita: Yeah! Last year shes tole my Gucci handbag the day after I got it! It was a present from my grandma and she bought it in PARIS!

Penny: No! you guys are just jealous I know the most popular girl in school!!

Rita: JEALOUS??!?!

Mary: That's ridiculous

Penny: you guys are being ridiculous! Brandi is the sweetest girl on the palnet! i will prove it to you when I sit next to her at lunch!

Mary: Fine, Penny, and I really thoought you were nice, you know?


Rita: See you at lunch Mary! GOOD BYE PENNY >:(

  • Mary and Penny go to AP English*

Penny: Wow this class is small! I thought schools had big classrooms?

Mary: Well this is an elite school, now leave me alone! >:(

Penny: ok...? I don't need her...

  • sits in front of her and is next to Maggie*

Penny: oh hello! I'm Penny you are maggie, right?

Maggie: Um, you are a loser right? that seat is taken, MOVE IT

Penny: Um... OK.. *gets out of seat*

Maggie: *in head* SUCKAAAAAAAAA :D

Penny: Where to sit.. Where to sit..

Georgito: There is a nice seat over their next to Alberto, why not sit now and not wait until Christmas?!

Penny: Oh Ok... *sits next to Alberto* Hello!

Alberto: Um.. Hi..? ._.

Georgito: Good morning class, I am Georgito, I will be your teacher for the rest of the semester if that wasn't obvious already- MAGGIE!

Maggie: What? ._.

Georgito: no texting in class

Maggie: I ain't texting, boy

Georgito: Oh, you aren't? Then I'm guessing that device the width of a credit card isn't a cell phone is it? BRING IT

Penny: *laughing*


Georgito: Ah, I'm glad somebody understands my sense of humor

Maggie: Actually, Georgito, this is an IPHONE, not a CELLPHONE! *insert troll face here*

  • Whole class laughs*

Georgito: you are really pushing your luck, you have one last chance to hand it over


Georgito: HAND IT OVER

Maggie: Gosh, so up-tight *gives phone to him*

Georgito: Now as I was saying class, this is an advance english class. Which means if you don't know how to write a strong essay, read and comprehend at a very advance level, or spell tyrannosaurus at the top of your head you are going to have very major issues. Allow me to remind you that sqiching to "regular" class or as I like to call the dumb dumb class, is still an option

Alberto: Dude, I can't even spell photosynthesis

  • Class laughs*

Georgito: *sarcastically* very funny... *normal* Now I'm going to be passing out shakespeare a midsummer night's dream I want you all to read act 2, scene 1 and give a full page translation of what Queen Titania says to King Oberon starting at line 81.

Penny: *walks up in front of the class*

Georgito: Excuse me miss, what is your name?

Penny: Um... penny...

Georgito: Penny, where do you think you are going?

Penny: um.. the bathroom..

Georgito: Well, aren't you a funny one? SIT

Penny: BUT-

Georgito: SIT DOWN!!

Penny: Ugh.. *sits down*

Maggie: FYI, loser, you kind of have to ask before using the bathroom >;)