Greg : Greg has a bad dream where tomatos did not exist

Nick : Nick has a bad dream where he had to surrender to celery

Utah : Utah has a bad dream where she and Sasha was killed by Hank

Yippy : Yippy has a bad dream where Gremmie and Prudence eaten all of her cookies

Sasha :Sasha has a bad dream where Ninjoy was going to kill Taylor

Sarge Fan! : Sarge Boiled Him In A Pool Of Lava

Clover : Where Sarge Fan Did Not Love Her Anymore

Nicolas:Oh Clover You Have This Bad Dream

Nicolas:I Have Never Bad Dreams Than Hengry And Chamomile.


Lisa : Death of Franco

Xandra and Xolo : Xandra and Xolo had a bad dream where Ninjoy finally cursed them into evil

Roy: Where he had to surrender to mints, peppers & jalapenos

Scooter : Scooter had a bad dream where she was surrounded by a floating mario head and mario enemies

Professor Fitz: Professor Fitz had a bad dream when his car smashed into pieces

Olga: Olga had a bad dream when Mary did not love her anymore

Rita: Rita has a bad dream when she died

Marty: Ninjoy disguises as Marty and kills people at the Burgeria

Tohru: Ninjoy kills her whole family.

Franco: Were Ninjoy Was Going To Turn Him Into A Fried Franco

Cecilia: Cecilia had a bad dream where destroy the Wingeria to Chiliria (Mark Two)

Penny: Where Alberto did not love anymore

Mindy: Where Nick kills This Sister

Papa Louie: Papa Has a bad dream Where Rico destroy all the restaurants

Hank: Where had to surrender to blueberries

Cooper: Where Prudence Did not love anymore

Kayla: Kayla had a bad dream where her dress was covered with syrup

Hugo: Hugo Had A Bad Dream Were Yippy Was Killed In The Woods

Mandi: When Xandra kills Tony (lots in real life possibly)

Bruna: When burgers, tacos, and other foods turn to monsters.

Maggie: When Mandi put BBQ sauce on her plate and the workers squirted BBQ sauce all over her.

Prudence: Had A Bad Dream Where Pickle Was Lost

The Spot Quintuplets: Were Ninjoy Was Going To Fry Theme

Sue: Where actually she grounds Marty and Maggie.

Shannon: When she has to Surrender to Mayo

Roy's 2nd: When he and Marty got eaten by Burger Zombies

Willow:  When Taylor squirted wild onion sauce at Willow

Scooter's 2nd: When Kayla squirted whipped cream at Scooter

Sasha's 2nd: When she had to Surrender to Strawberries

Kayla's 2nd : When Hank dumped her for Quinn and Quinn removed the law against child arrest

Cecilia's 2nd: Death Of Her Daddy (Rico)

Cecilia's 3rd: When trash was thrown at her and she flipped out

Angie's: When Xolo bombed the Wingeria

Angie's 2nd: When Xolo sprayed UDMH on her

Beth Hiroshino: When Alberto killed Nick

Maggie's 2nd: Where she had to surrender to cotton candy

Nicolas:We Hate Every Bad Dreams!

Rudy's: Where Scarlett turned him into cereal

Tony: has killed by Ninjoy from the Solary family with Matt

Whiff: When the shop ran out of his favorite peanut butter

Wylan B: Wylan B had a bad dream where he was fed to a zombie.

Vincent's: Sasha dies.

Valle's: Ninjoy and Utah try to kill her.

Valle's 2: A world in which summer luau is canceled

Nero's: When he had to surrender to pickles