(Ezekiel) Time to see who rejoins.

*Cake At Stake intro plays*

Cake At Stake

(Ezekiel) So, we said that a loser would be rejoining the game. You get a piece of cherry pie if you rejoin.

(Cherry Trooper) That's my recipe I baked with Cakeriox!

(Narrator) Luau LeKung Fu, you only received 1 vote, so you go back to the Box of Losers. *FLING!*

(Luau LeKung Fu) I'm still at zen.

(Ezekiel) Mixer-Zord, you received 2 votes, so you don't rejoin.

(Mixer-Zord) Nnnnnoooo!!!!!!! I miss my jr. sister!

(Narrator) Agent B rejoins with 5 votes.

(Agent B) I'll get back for mission!

(Ezekiel) The next challenge is Water Collect. Get past the obstacle course, and collect as many water as you can. Everyone gets a cup, and a container. The one whose container has the most water in it wins. You have an hour to complete the challenge.

(Slime Angel) Oh my slime balls, that sounds hard...

(Cherryl) I know Sli-Slime, I know.

The Event Starts

Slime Angel and Cherryl, holding hands, have to jump over the metal cylinders with spikes all over them.

(Cherryl) Careful, Sli-Slime... YAY! We did it!

(Agent B) I have collected some water!

(Dumbbell) AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! *He falls in the water and drowns*

(Ripley) A hop, a skip, and a jump... I crossed the cylinders!

(Roy) I crossed the cylinders!

(Slime Angel) Cherryl, JUMP!

(Cherryl) Thanks Sli-Slime. Want to play Agent B Cake?

(Slime Angel) Not now.

(Cherryl) We have a lot of water!

(Hotdog Demon) *pours water in container*

(Shannon) AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *she falls in the water and drowns*

(Kenji) I have a lot of water.  *he pours it in his container*

Final 5

(Perri) Wylan, We got lot of water!

(Wylan B) Yeah. Oooh. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *falls into water and drowns*

(Perri) WYLAN!!!!!!!!

(Agent B) I picked a needle so. I'm going to the machine!

(Slime Angel) I'm first, not you banana spy!

(Agent B) WHAT? You obviously reached!

(Cherryl) We are now the last 2 to finish!

(Perri) Anyway. We should go fast as we can who wins!

The Race Starts

*Cherryl finds a needle*

*Perri finds a needle*

(Perri) What a beautiful needy.

(Needle) *comes to life and slaps Perri* DON'T CALL ME NEEDY!

*Cherryl finishes first with a lot of water*

(Ezekiel) Okay, Hotdog Demon had the most water! Cake At Stake.

Cake At Stake

(Ezekiel) The cake this time is a piece of tasty, gelatinous fruitcake. I have this wheel. I will spin it every time. If the two triangles land on you, you are safe and are not eliminated. The last name is eliminated. I removed votes because they got annoying.

*Ezekiel spins the wheel*

(Ezekiel) Perri is safe. *she gets fruitcake*

*Ezekiel spins it again*

(Ezekiel) Dumbbell, you're also safe! Here, have some cake.

(Dumbbell) THANKS! I'm gonna eat it!

*the wheel spins*

(Ezekiel) Roy is safe!!!

(Roy) Yummy fruitcake!

*the wheel spins*

(Ezekiel) Agent B is also safe!

(Agent B) YAY!

*the wheel spins, once again*

(Ezekiel) Cherryl is safe!

(Hotdog Demon) Yay cherryl! You are awesome!

(Cherryl) Thanks.

*Ezekiel spins the wheel*

(Ezekiel) Wylan B is next.

(Wylan B) YAHOO!

*Ezekiel spins the wheel*

(Ezekiel) Slime Angel is safe!

(Slime Angel) YAY! *eats fruitcake*

Danger Zone

Ezekiel: Ripley is safe!

(Ripley) I got out of the danger zone! YAY!

(Ezekiel) Koilee is safe next.

(Koilee) I was afraid of being eliminated!

(Ezekiel) Now it's down to Kenji and Shannon.

*the wheel spins*

(Ezekiel) Kenji is safe and Shannon is eliminated.

Loser Of The Event (Capturer: Sharkana)

Agent B: Ready to capture the customer?

Sharkana: Yes. I will, my partner!

He goes to Shannon.

Shannon: I just got water during the event and I failed.

Sharkana: So, you are sent to The Box Of Losers!

He grabs Shannon and released into the box.

Shannon: AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Sharkana: You stay here and have a some day with other contestants, HA! HA! HAA! HAA!

Ezekiel: The next challenge is a game of Pizza Ball! It's like Basketball, but the ball is replaced with a pizza. We will divide you into two teams for the season. Slime Angel, Cherryl, Ripley, Agent B, Wylan B and Koilee, you will be the Team Ricotta Balls.

Cherryl: I am so happy to be on your team Slim-Slime, I am, like, so happy, I would, like just faint of like, happiness!

Wylan B: I love eating Ricotta Balls! I'm happy that we got this name.

Ezekiel: Hotdog Demon, Dumbbell, Kenji, Perri, and Roy, you will be the Team Dreamsicle.

Ezekiel: The team captains: Slime Angel and Hotdog Demon. The match starts NOW!

The Event Starts

Dumbbell: Throw the pizza, THROW THE PIZZA, PERRI!

*Perri scores a goal for Team Dreamsicle*

Wylan B: Get rid of Roy!

Ripley: I got the ball! Now score TIME!

Kenji grabs the ball and Ripley failed.

Kenji: Mine! Score for my team!

Agent B gets the ball and scores.

Agent B: YAY!!!!!

Dumbbell: Hey, I'll do the ball!

He grabs the ball and he tries to score.

Dumbbell: I almost reached the basket!

But. Koilee grabs the ball.

Koilee: Now. It's not in your hands, Dumbbell!

Koilee throws it in the basket.

Ripley gets the ball and scores.

Wylan B: Yay Ripley! And Koilee!

Two hours later...

Ezekiel: So the Ricotta Balls win this challenge, which means one of the Dreamsicles are going home.

Narrator: Here are the people on the Dreamsicle Team: Hotdog Demon, Dumbbell, Kenji, Perri and Roy.

Kenji: Voting ends on 2017, August 18th! Episode 5 will be released on 2017, August 24th.