(Milk Pilot) Time to start the show!

(Ezekiel) Oh yeah, sorry. Welcome to Battle for Cream Island! This is Episode 3. Last week we lost 2 contestants.

(Narrator) Agent B and Luau LeKung Fu.

(Ezekiel) Okay, now let's do the next challenge, which is Bridge Crossing!

(Ezekiel) The first 5 to cross the bridge is safe! Everyone else does Cake at Stake.

(Narrator) Hotdog Demon can fly so, we are herding the attacker of the event, Kolossal Kraken!

(Hotdog Demon) I get rid of that seamonster and reach the finish!

(Perri) I run accross the bridge Tart!

(Cherryl) I'm a salad and the seamonster was hungry to eat me!

(Koilee) Me too Cherryl, my skirt looks like a koi fish and the seamonster eats koi fishes.

(Dumbbell) I crush that seamonster out!

(Scout) If. Jacksmith and his vehicle were here, he can take that seamonster down!

The Event Starts

(Narrator) Cross the bridge and don't get killed by Kolossal Kraken!

(Cherryl) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! *She falls*

(Koilee) The bridge is very long, it will be hard to cross.

(Scout) AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! *He is eaten by the monster*

(Hotdog Demon) Too late seamonster, I have won first!!! (Safe)

(Ezekiel) The devil is safe! Hotdog Demon reached the finish!

(Shannon) AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! *Customer falls*

(Milk Pilot) I can't swim while standing the bridge!

(Ripley) I'm close to the finish! AAAAAAAAHHHHH! *eaten by the monster*

(Dumbbell) I didn't lose, YEAH!!! *second reaching the finish* (Safe)

Final 7

(Perri) Almost here! I will be third! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! *She falls*

(Koilee) I am here! 3rd yay!!!! (Safe)

(Milk Pilot) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! *He falls and eaten by the monster*

(Roy) 4th! (Safe)

(Slime Angel) HOORAY! 5TH!!!! (Safe)

(Ezekiel) Time for Cake At Stake!

*Intro Plays*

Cake At Stake

(Narrator) Hello everyone! The cake this time is a red velvet cake by Valentino Chessman. If you are eliminated, you get one.

(Valentino) And this is not Valentine's Day!

(Ezekiel) Okay, Shannon, Perri, Kenji, Wylan B, Ripley, these are safe.

(Narrator) Down to Milk Pilot and Scout.

(Ezekiel) And Milk Pilot...

(Scout) *Panicked screaming*

(Ezekiel) Is eliminated!

Loser Of The Event (Capturer: Banana Helicopter)

*Banana Helicopter flies near Milk Pilot and puts him in The Box of Losers.*

(Milk Pilot) Hey, Mixer-Zord!

(Mixer-Zord) Oh hey.

(Ezekiel) Time for the next challenge, which is Bake Off! Three judges are selected: Dumbbell, Koilee and Perri. I will also be a judge. The cakes will be rated 1-10. Also, there is a Magical Die from Hollow Mokkol. He gives points 1-6. That means the maximum points one can get is 46 points.

(Hollow Mokkol) Okay contestants, let's begin!

The Event Starts

(Narrator) Make the cakes perfect like Hollow Mokkol!

Cherryl: My cake is done!

Slime Angel: Mine too!

(Kenji) Who wants a slice of my cake? It's a rice cake.

(Cherryl) Mine is cherry cake!

*A few minutes later...*

(Ezekiel) Time is up! Hand in your cakes.

Slime Angel: Here is my cake.

*Ezekiel eats it* Strawberry? Cool, I like that flavor. It's 7 points.

Another few minutes later...

(Ezekiel) Cake At Stake.

*Intro plays*

Cake at Stake

Ezekiel: The cake this time is a pizza by our chef.

The Pizza Chef: Clad is more than me!

(Narrator) Cherryl is safe. So is Koilee, Shannon, Ripley, Dumbbell. And Hotdog Demon, and Slime Angel too.

(Ezekiel) Now It's down to Ripley and Scout.

(Narrator) Scout...

(Scout) Ah.

(Narrator) Is eliminated at 6 votes.

(Scout) AAAAAAHHH!!!

Loser Of The Event (Capturer: The Sauce Dragon)

Cherryl: I call Wingate!

Wingate: Sauce Dragon, can you put Scout in this metal box? *pushes Box of Losers to him*

Sauce Dragon: Of course. *he puts in Scout*

Scout: I didn't except a box to be like a hotel...

*the Box of Losers locks*

Ezekiel: Also, someone will rejoin the contest.

(Narrator) Guys, you all have a chance to rejoin the game. Except Scout. *takes out everyone*

(Ezekiel) YOU guys vote on who should rejoin! Go to Aldi and vote in the poll in the comments!