This is the 8th episode of the High School Lies series


Mary and Rita: Penny! Penny!

Mary: Where is she?

  • crying sounds*

Rita: Wait... Did you here that?

Mary: This way *goes that way*

Rita: *follows*

Penny: *crying behind the vending machine*

Mary: penny....

Penny: *ignoring her and keeps crying*

Rita: Are you OK?

Penny: *ignoring her and keeps crying*

Rita: We are going to be late for class-

Penny: I DON'T CARE!

Mary: Are we skipping?

Rita: I don't know!

Penny: You know what, I don't care. Because all I know is that I am not going into a class with everone STARING at me

Mary: the usual place, Rita?

Rita: good idea

Mary: Pen Pen, we need to show you aomewhere *they go to the "place"

  • At the "place"*

Penny: Are you sure this is safe? It' pitch black down here-

Rita: Penny, don't worry, we'vebeen here a million times

Mary: OK, 1, 2, 3 *turns on light*

  • A dirty room with a bunch of lost and found stuff*

Penny: Ew...

Mary: Ta-da!

Rita: Come on! *walks with Rita looking for somewhere to sit*

Penny: um exactly what is this place?

Mary: Hmm... this looks like a good spot *sits down*

Rita: *Sits down*

Mary: This Penny is the basement of the school

Penny: .... I don't get ._.

Rita: -_- School Storage Room. Well at leasrt it used to be, now it's pretty much just a place where people dump their worthless trash

Mary: We discovered it one day when we were hiding from Brandi

Penny: This is a pretty disgusting hiding place...

Rita: Well, it's the only place in the school that isn't spotless, I don't think anyone wants to clean it

Penny: Oh gee I don't blame them!

Rita: *giggles*

Penny: ... *randomly gets in trance* Oh... Um... *has headache* Ugh..  *really sick*

Rita: Penny?!

Mary: Penny what's wrong?

Penny: *still feeling sick* *everything becomes blurry* Ugh...

Mary: Pen Pen are you OK?!

Penny: *still in trance* y-Yeah.. *leaves trance mode* I just feel a little dizzy...

Mary: Did you eat breakfast this morning?

Penny: No... I mean yes!

Rita: I have a granola bar in ym bag if you want! *passes it to her*

Penny: Oh uh... *gasp*

  • Penny's two concious appears*

Penny: *in head* What's happening?!

Penny's Good Concious:Eat it Penny, food is the only thing that will make you feel better

Penny's Bad Concious: Eat it?! Are you stupid?! You will get fatter than you already are!

Penny's Good Concious: Don't listen to her Pen Pen! Stopping yourself isn't good for your body. You will get horribly sick and your hair will call out, that's not pretty at all

Penny: *in head* *whimpering*

Penny's Bad Concious: Don't listen to her! You already lost 5 pounds, do you reallly want to get rid of all your hard work?!

Penny's Good Concious: One little Granola Bar won't do anything! She needs nutrition!

Penny: *in head* What?!

Penny's Bad Concious: What would you know about nutrition, fatty??

Penny's Good Concious: Excuse me? Penny Eat it!

Penny's Bad Concious: Don't!

Penny's Good Concious: EAT IT!

Penny's BAd Concious: NO!

  • Both concious collide and disapeer*

Mary: hello? Penny?

Penny: Oh.. Yah. Thanks for the granola bar, Rita...

Rita: You're Welcome.. Aren't you going to eat it?

Penny: um.. oh yah! of course! *nibbles off 1/4 of it*

Rita: Better?

Penny: yah.. I guess..

Rita: So... about Brandi-

Penny: *anger issues mode* UGH!! I HATE HER! SHE LIED TO ALBERTO! I KNOW IT! *calmed down* she probably told him I had that rash or something...

Mary: But why would Al believe any of that

Penny: Oh, Brandi can be very convincing


Brandi: *looking in mirror wearing a nice hot pink dress that looks sort like this* of Oh Penny! It's perfect! it's just perfect!

Penny: No! Brandi! I just bought it today, and I was going to wear it tomorrow!

Brandi: but Penny! I thought we were BFFs!

Penny: *sigh* Brandi, We are BFFs!

Brandi: but I need this dress so Taylor can notice me!

Penny: but I like Taylor too!

Brandi: No one's ever liked me before!

Penny: oh man... True..

Brandi: *starting to fake cry* Taylor will never like me! I am so UGLY! WHo would ever like a loser like me? *fake cries*

Penny: brandi, no! That's not true! oh... Fine...

Brandi: *immediately stops fake crying* OK! :)


Penny: I bet you my hair she turned on the waterworks, just to manipulate him..... That's just so... Brandi.. You know what, I haad enough! I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being used as a doormat! I am sick of letting that lying, manipulating brat walk all over me and bully me! Don't you agree with me?

Mary: Of course!

Rita: unequivatly and irrevalently

Mary: um english.. Not ALL of us is in honors english -_-

Penny: Brandi's used to getting her way

Mary: yup!

Rita: uh-huh!

Penny: oh, you know what? Brandi has had her way TOO long, it's time for someone to stand up to her... it's time for a little.... competition! You guys said t yourselves. I could be the one to bring her down. No one challenges her, or her trashy group of snobs. Well that's about to change. We can't let her see that she bugs us.

Rita: you're right! That's just giving her all the power!

Mary: We are the ones who let her have all the power! Why are we letting her control us?

Penny: Exactly! We need to make a promise to ourselves, let's make a promise. That we will not let her get to us! No matter WHAT she does.

Rita: Well.. that's easier said than done... but I agree!

Mary: I'm with you

Penny: Good

  • later*
  • bell rings*

Random Guy 2#: WOO! *leaves*

Random Girl 2#: Yeah! *leaves*

  • 2 seconds later the whole class is gone*

Random Teacher: Class are you ready for the quiz? *realizes they are all gone* *sigh* Why do I bother? -_-

Brandi: i'm so excited for you to come over Al!

Alberto: um.. yah right! *Still thinking about Penny*

Brandi: *hugs him*

Alberto: *in head* Ugh.. *hugs her back*

Rita: O_O

Mary: Oh Penny, you don't need him! If he believes her lies, Pbbt! He must be a total doormat!

Rita: Yeah! And don't you remember what we were JUST talking about?

Mary: Yeah..I guess you are right

  • Alberto and Brandi are talking*

Alberto: *sees Penny*

Penny: *sees Alberto*

  • They both stare into eachother's eyes*

Alberto: Pe-

Brandi: *blocks his view*

Penny: *sigh*

Random Girl 5#: Ew... It's Penny! You know, the one with the rash!

Random Boy: *laughs* don't get to close!

Random Girl 3#: I heard she has to wear a mask every day! That's not her real face!

Random Girl 4#: I heard she used to weigh 300 pounds but got weight loss surgery and drank nothing but cranberry juice! Yuck!

Random Girl 2#: She'stotally gross, she kisses any boy to get her hands on them

Random boy 8#: She eats 5 whole cakes everyday then pukes them all out


    • DUN DUN DUN**

Penny: Don't you hear that? They are all talking about me!

Mary: Remember what we said earlier? We can't let it get to us!

Rita: They are just a bunch of gossip feeds. They will forget all about this when the next scandel comes around

Penny: I hope you are right..

Rita: I am right :)

  • LATER*
  • in the cafe*

Mindy: So like, what's the sitch? (Kim Possible reference)

Brandi: I'll tell you what's the sitch, the whole school thinks Penny is a flaky, rashy, boy-crazy little scumbag! The stories have spread around in a record of time too! This story got in even faster than that story about Hannah Lueder's nose job!

Hannah Leuder: *looking at them*

Brandi: O_O whoops.. Anyways the distortion factor is great! I've heard rumors I didn't even make! Like the one about her being a hippopotamus! I got to say, whoever made that one up is my hero!

Mindy: is it true that she is actually a hippopotamus?

Maggie: O_O

Mindy: What? It could be true

Brandi: Yeah, maybe when pigs fly stupid -_-

  • Pig comes out of nowhere and flies*

Brandi: *doesn't see* I mean how stupid can you get?

  • Another pig flies*

Brandi: but you never know, Penny IS the size of a hippo after all!

  • girls giggle*

Brandi: OK, know shut up -_-

Maggie: *scoffs*

Brandi: But seriously, the damage done is incredible. I almost feel sorry for poor little Penny! Physce! >:)! Anyways she is a snobby ugly fat ping for ever thinking to steal-

Alberto: Hey babe!

Brandi: Alberto! I missed you so much! I was just talkng about how sorry I feel for Penny! Everyone knows abiut her rash now! I feel so horrible!

Alberto: Aw.. your s caring :)

Brandi: :) I try

  • with the others*

Mary: Here you go! This will make you feel better: Triple whipped cheesecake! I made it myself yesterday

Penny: Well... it looks delicious.. But I think I will stick with my salad

Rita: Penny! You HAVE to try some! It's so good!

Penny: Oh.. I'd love to but I really don't think that's the best thing for my uh.. stomach

Mary: *sigh* Oh.. I guess you're right... you wouldn't want to upset it.. Would you like one of my toaster stroodels in stead?

Penny: NO!!! I mean uh-- No thanks! Ugh.. I don't fell well!! *runs to the bathroom*

Rita: ??

Penny: *runs really fast and then bumps into "someone"* AHH! *trips*

??????: *gaps*

Penny: Oh my gosh! Here let me help you up

??????: Hey hey no! Don't worry about it. Where were you headed off to in such a hurry?

Penny: Oh.. it's not really that important..

??????: *laughs* OK Penny!

Penny: How do you know my name?

??????: Everyone knows your name Penny! It's a fact of life when you are one of the cutest girls in school!

Penny: *blush*

??????: I'm Cooper.Nice to meet you!

Penny: Thanks! I guess... Nice to meet you too!

Cooper: Just for the record, I don't believe that story about your rash! You look perfectly healthy to me.

Penny: *giggles* Thank you! I'm glad SOMEONE sees through Brandi!

Cooper: Although, I AM on the football team.. so you know..

Penny: *laughs* That rumor isn't true either

Cooper: Aw man.. guess you can't believe everything you hear!

Penny: Nope... According to a few people, I'm a hippopotamus

Cooper: Well gee, wouldn't that be something?

Penny: Yup! Apparently, I used to way 300 pounds

Cooper: OK, now THAT'S far fetched, who could believe that?

Penny: you really think so?

Cooper: Duh! Look at you! I'm surprised the wind doesn't carry you off!

Penny: Thanks! I guess..

Cooper: Hey, I'm in your math class. I sit at the back

Penny: Oh, yah that's right!

  • both giggle*

Cooper: You know, we should hang out some time, you know, get to know eachother

Penny: you know what? That doesn't seem like a bad idea,Cooper!

Cooper: Sweet! Well, um, it was a pleasure crashing into you, Penny, I hope we can do it another time :)

Penny: *laughs* OK! Bye Cooper! *leaves*

  • LATER*

Penny: *looking in mirror wearing a shirt that looks like this and a skirt that looks like this* Why does this look horrible on me? It doesn't even match, too.. What's wrong with me? And why doesn't Al believe me?

  • Penny's Concious appears again*

Bad Concious: Because, Penny, you aren't as skinny as Brandi. How about going on a diet, chubby?

Good Concious: You call this healthy? You're destroying your body not helping it! Besides, A boy will like you for who you are inside, not how you look. And remember what Cooper said, he said he's surprised the wind doesn't carry you off!

Bad Concious: Whatever, Cooper must be a total doorknob -_-

Good Concious: You must be a total doorknob!

Bad Concious: you wanna go, Sparkly?

Good Conious: Bring it!

Penny: *in head* Ugh.. SHUT UP!

  • both concious collide*
  • At Alberto's House*

Alberto: *in head* *sigh* Gues I should have know about Penny, she might have been a nice girl at the beginning but she's probably just a dusty carpet with rats running around it. I don't get it.. She seemed perfect for me.. I mean sure... Brandi's drop-dead gorgeous and all. But sometimes I even wonder if she's really a nice per- ICE CREAM TRUCK! *looks out the window* Oh nope, just a school bus -_-. Anyway, Brandi was crying. And Brandi never ever cries.

  • at Brandi's House*

Brandi: *crying*

GG (new pet cricket): *whimpers*

Brandi: *throws up in the toilet* ugh... Why GG? Why?

GG: ...

Brandi: I've gained 3 pounds! 3 pounds! It's not fair! I can't eat dinner for at least a week now! But it's so hard!

GG: *whimpering*

Brandi: I've just puked out a whole sandwich, a bowl of ice cream, and a plate of fries! I am such a pig! *still cries* Penny is so much prettier now! And I think Alberto is falling for her! Well, maybe not now because I took care of that. My life is such a mess!

GG: *nuzzles up with her*

Brandi: Thanks GG, you are such a good listerner. Just like Mitzy was.. Maybe I should stop being so-

  • Butler knocks on her door*

Brandi: *stops crying and is really angry* WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!!

Butler: Ms. Brandi, your mother left a note for you on the kitchen table

Brandi: *sarcastically* What a big surprise

Butler: And she said she wouldn't be home till late


Butler: Um... yes.. *hands her the note and leaves*

Brandi: *reads it* Dear Brandi, won't be home till you are in bed, BTW don't eat any carbs for dinner you've been looking PUFFY lately?!?!?! *stops reading* That's ALL?! That's all she has to say to me?! *cries in bed*

  • At Penny's house*

Penny: *sigh and goes downstairs* Hey Mom, are you busy?

Mom: Yup, but I have time *gets off compueter* What is it sweetie?

Penny: Well, if a boy believes a rumor about you-

Mom: This is about Alberto, isn't it?

Penny: How did you know?

Mom: Believe me, I know this type of stuff.. And if Alberto believes any rumors about you, he isn't worth your time, trust me

Penny: He's not?

Mom: Yes. You need someone way better than that. In fact you should show him what he's missing

Penny: Really?

Mom: Yup, his loss

  • mom's phone rings*

Mom: Sorry hon, I have to take this call

Penny: Ok mom, *leaves*

  • In penny's room*

Penny: *on her bed sulking* *sigh*