Allan: Hmm What's This A Shade Pull
  • Allan Suffering His Bad Dream
  • Allan Crying In Front Of Scooter After He Had His Bad Dream

(Allan Pulls The Shade Pull And Out Cames His Darkest Fears)

Allan: Agh

(Allan Toss And Turn In His Sleep until Scooter Comes In His Bedroom and Turns On His Bedroom Light)

Scooter: Allan, (Singy Songy) Allan, ALLAN!

(Allan Wakes Up Screaming and Causes Scooter To Scream)

Allan and Scooter: You Scared Me

Allan and Scooter: No You Scared Me

Allan: What Are You Doing In My Bedroom Anyway Scooter

Scooter: I Heard Your Wimpering

Allan: I Was Having A Bad Dream Before You Woke Me

Scooter: About?

Allan: My Darkest Fears

Scooter: I'm Going To Sleep With You To Keep You Company

Allan: Ok Scooter Climb In

(Scooter Gets Into Her Brother's Bed and Snuggles In With Him)

Scooter: Feeling Better Allan?

Allan: Yea, Guess So

(Scooter falls asleep)

Allan: Scooter?, (smiles) good night skateboard princess (kisses her and falls asleep)