Plot (i'm not even going to start)

This is the 7th episode of High school Lies


Brandi: Sorry, sasauges can't pass!

Penny: .. whatever Brandi!

Brandi: Don't believe us? See for yourself

Random Person: Eww, it's the sasauge!

  • laughing*

Random Person 2: look at her fat legs.

  • still laughing*

Penny: hey!

Mary: Wow, Penny, lose some weight!

Rita: *laughing*

  • everyone laughing*

Penny: *runs away*

Brandi: *in front of her*

Penny: AHHH!

maggie: look at her legs! They are like fat sasauges!

Mindy: Want a hot dog, fatty?

Penny: No!! *runs to Alberto* Al, Al! Brandi just-

Alberto: Don't talk to me Penny, I would never date a sasauge like you -_-

Penny: *starts to cry*

Mindy: here's some mustard for you, fatty! *splruches mustard on her*

  • Laughing gets louder*

Penny: *wakes up and falls out of bed* AHH! *hyperventilating* Oh no!! Why did I eat dinner, why?!? *starts to cry* I have to do something... Ok.. I better be really quiet... *tip toes down to the basement and starts to go on the treadmill, then jumps over hurdles, then does push-ups, then sit-ups, then does all of that about 50 more times and eventually gets tired and realizes it's about 5:00 in the morning* Ohhh... *falls asleep*

  • At Alberto's house (in his room)*

Alberto: *sigh* "Penny, I-" No... *sighs* "Brandi, I-" Ugh that won't work! *sighs* "Penny, I-" *groans* forget it, i'll just wing it...

Alberto's Mother: Alberto!

Alberto: Yah?

Alberto's Mother: Time to go

Alberto: oh yah, coming! *about to leave* Oh! *picks up rose* can;t forget this

  • at school*

Penny: *walks up to her friends really slowly and tired* *yawns* Hey guys...

Mary: wow, penny... no offense, but you look terrible...

Rita: Yeah, are you OK?

Penny: Yeah Im fine... I just didn't get enough sleep..

Mary: oh my gosh, I totally forgot, how was homework with Alberto?

Rita: Yeah!

Penny: Oh my gosh it was great, I think I like him even more... Oh my gosh, there he is!

Rita and Mary: Go talk to him!

Penny: Shhh! Ok OK! *goes to him*

Alberto: *sees Penny coming* *gasp* *hides rose behind his back*

Penny: Hey Al!

Alberto: Hey Pen Pen! How are you?

Penny: I'm great!

Alberto: i'm glad to hear that!

Penny: *laughs* i was wondering if you maybe wanted to come to my house again, you know, to do some ACTUAL work?

Alberto: Sure!

Brandi: oh, my, GOSH! That fat wiener thinks she's so cool because my boyfriend is coming over to her house!

Maggie: oh no! Do you think... He cheated?

Brandi: Excuse me, do I look like the type of girl that would get cheated on?

Maggie: oh no no no! I-I-I- I just meant-

Brandi: Oh good, because honey, I am the type of girl boys cheat with, not on!

  • shows flashback of Brandi kissing some unknown guy*

Brandi: Wait, is your girlfriend here?

Unknown Guy: *laughing* nope!

Brandi: Perfect

  • Flashback ends*

Maggie: Oh my gosh, Brandi, you're with someone else?

Maggie and Mindy: SPILL!

Brandi: Well that's another story for another day. But right now we need to concentrate on the matter at hand

Mindy: But, like, what do we do?

Maggie: oh my gosh, you should like, spill juice on her, I have some in my bag if you want!

Brandi: Spill Juice? What are you, second grade?

Maggie: oh sorry..

Brandi: Besides, I can't look mean in front of Alberto... Wait, I have a much better idea...

Alberto: (@ Penny) And then I tell the securtiy guard, dude! The name's Alberto!

Penny: *laughs* that's hillarious!

Brandi: *comes to them and is FAKE crying* Al, Al.. I need to talk to you..

Alberto: Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, Bye Penny!

Penny: Bye! *leaves*

Brandi: Can we go somewhere private?

Alberto: Brandi, We need to talk.. wait, Brandi are you crying?! You know I hate seeing you cry..

Brandi: Just follow me, please..

Alberto: Ok... *follows her*

Brandi: Alberto, why were you talking her?

Alberto: BRANDI!! For the last time, we're just friends

Brandi: No it's not that... Penny, she hurt me yesterday...

Alberto: What? What happened..

Brandi: Well, she walked up to me.. and said some really mean things! Things that really hurt me!

Alberto: W-What did she say?

Brandi: She said, that I was FAT!

Alberto: What?!

Brandi: Oh, look at me, look, i'm CRYING, she's horrible, and she was the exact same way in Montana. She was a two-faced little brat!!

Alberto: I never would have thought... Brandi, are you sure?

Brandi: What do you mean am I sure?! I'm crying, you know I NEVER cry

Alberto: Yeah..

Brandi: oh yah, and I heard her telling that Rita girl that it's her goal this year to kiss all the boys on the football team, and she's starting with you, you know why? It's because she said that you seemed to the dumbest!


Brandi: She didn't try to kiss you while you were at her house did she? It would kill me to lose you to some like her..

Alberto: Umm... no, Wow... I can't believe this...

Brandi: oh yah, and don't tell ANYONE, because this is her DEEPEST secret: She has this rare skin disease... underneath her skin it's all red, and bumpy, and oozes PUSS! You didn't touch her, did you? She's CONTAGIOUS!

Alberto: WHAT?!?! EWW! No.. i didn't touch her.. But I hope I didn't get it! *scared*

Brandi: Well, even if you did, I would still be with you...

Alberto: Aw... thanks... that's sweet

Brandi: So...what was it you wanted to talk about?

Alberto: um... You know what... there is nothing to talk about...

  • Later*

Rita: He's coming to your houes AGAIN?!

Mary: OMG what if he likes you too?

Penny: Guys, for the last time, he has a girlfriend..

Alberto: *Walks to them*

Penny: Hey Al!

Alberto: *serious tone* Hi.............. Penny..

Penny: So hey, wanna come over to my house and let's do some work?

Alberto: um... I can't I'm busy today...

Penny: Oh... That's totally fine! How about tomorrow

Alberto: um..No... I'm kind of busy for the whole month

Penny: Oh um.. Oh uh.... Ok...

Alberto: When your doing your project, just... email it to me

Penny: What? But I don't have your email!

Alberto: Um.. Yah.. I got to go.. *leaves*

Penny: Um... OK... see you around...

Mary: What's up with him?


Mary: uh...

Penny: *getting angry*

Brandi: Do you want to come to my house after school, Al? We can spend time together and go out for dinner, I bet it would be much better than spending time with Penny!

Alberto: Um... Yah, I'd like that

Brandi: See you there ;) *leaves*

Alberto: Bye *leaves*

Brandi: *laughs* oh yes....

Mindy: Did it work? Did it work?

Maggie: Yah did it work?

Brandi: Oh you bet it did! I made up a bunch of crap about how Penny was mean to me and wanted to kiss a bunch of boys!

Maggie and Mindy: *gasp*

Brandi: I even turned on the waterworks, just to manipulate him. Thinking about how my poor Mitsy got run over


Brandi: Mitsy!

Mitsy: ?

Brandi: MITSY!

Misty: AHHH! *gets run over by a car*


Brandi: My poor cricket...

Maggie: You are like, a genius!

Mindy: An Albert!

Brandi: Um?

Mindy: Oh you know... Scientist dude with the crazy hair, I think he created the toilet....

Brandi: And it doesn;t stop there! I told him that she has a flaky disgusting skin rash!

Maggie: OMG you are like, so EPIC!

Brandi: I know I am.. And know that my boyfriend is blissfully unaware, we go rub it in. Come on girls

  • All 3 girls go to Penny and her friends*

Brandi: Hey Penny! I was wondering, has your SKIN RASH

Rita and Mary: What?

Penny: Um, WHAT are you taking about?

Brandi: Oh you know.. The rash that turns green and oozes...PUS!

Random Girl: EW!

Penny: Whta are you talking about?! I don't have a rash!

Brandi: It's OK Penny, it doens't mean people will stop liking you even if it is *turns to everyone else there* CONTAGEOUS!

Everyone except Brandi Mindy, Rita, Mary, Maggie and Penny: *GASP*

Random Girl: DISGUSTING!

Mary: What the cheeseball are you talking about?

Penny: You are such a liar, Brandi!

Brandi: *scoffs* At least it isn't my goal to kiss ALL the boys on the football team

Random Boy: Ooh! Me next!

Penny: What you are lying! *walks up to Brandi* Why are you such a female dog, Brandi? What HAPPENED to you?!

Brandi: I don't know what you're talking about! *innocent face* I've tried to be SO nice to you! it's not my fault you're jealous of me!

Penny: Jealous of YOU?! What is wrong with you?!

Brandi: What is wrong with you, Penny? Why are you so mean to me!

Random Girl: *whispering* What's going on?

Raindom Boy 7#: Cat fight, no kidding eh?

Penny: *stresed out* UGH! I HATE YOU BRANDI! I HATE YOU MORE THAN I EVER HATED ANYONE IN MY LIFE! I WISH I NEVER MET YOU! *gets angry but stops and then gets really sad an druns away crying*

Mary and Rita: Pen Pen! *chase after her*

Brandi: Right back at you girl... RIGHT. BACK. AT. YOU Hmpph! >:)

Crowd: .......

Random Girl: Awkward...

Brandi: Nothing to see here people, move along!

Crowd: .....

Brandi: i said *evil demonic man voice* MOVE!!!

Crowd: *all of them run really scared* HELP!!!!

  • With Penny*

Penny: *still crying* Alberto! Al I-

Alberto: Save it Penny... I don't wanna here it -_- *leaves*

Penny: *really sad* *continues crying*

  • At Alberto's House*

Alberto: *puts the rose on his shelf* loser....