(Alberto Is Watching A Baby Show About Elmo's World)

Hugo: Berto It's Time For Bed

Alberto: Just 8 More Minutes

Hugo: That's What You Said 8 Minutes Ago You Have Work Tomorrow Let's Get Up Those Stairs

Alberto: Yes

Hugo: Plus I Think That Movie Is To Scary For You

Alberto: It's Not

(Alberto Walks To His, His Sisters And Cousin's Bedroom And Gets In Bed)

Alberto: It Was Not Scary (Yawn) I'll Think About It More Tomorrow Morning (falls asleep)

(In Alberto's Bad Dream)

Alberto: Erg Where Am I?

(A Skeleton Comes Out Of The Ground)

Sleeping quintuplets and alberto

Before the bad dream (Alberto is sleeping in Spot Kids room and Spot parents are sleeping in Spot Quintuplet's Room)

Alberto: Huh?

(99 More Skeletons Come Out Of The Ground)

Alberto: (Screams)

(A Gigantic Skeleton Comes Out Of The Ground A Grabs Alberto)

Alberto: (Screams Even Louder)

(The Gigantic Skeleton Throws Alberto In The Air And Gets Ready To Eat Him That's When Alberto Woken Up Screaming)

Alberto: Daddy!

(The Spot Quintuplets And Wendy Comes In The Kids Bedroom And Rico Hugs Alberto)

Rico: Alberto What's Wrong?

Alberto: Oh Dad I Had A Bad Dream That Skeletons Came Up And Tried To Eat Me!)

Hugo: Oh Dam It The Mexican Horror Movie
Spot kids sleeping

Spot kids At The End Of The Story

the next day

(Alberto Watches Mexican Day Again)

Alberto: Not Scary, Not Scary

(Alberto watches the movie)

(Alberto Tells Everything About The Movie)

Alberto: Not Scary

(Goes to sleep)

(Gets back to Dream)

(Skeletons Come Out)

(1111 More Skeletons Come Out)

(The Biggest Skeleton Comes Out)

(Throws Into Sky and Eats Him)


(Alberto Extreme Loud Sceam Wakes Up Hugo, Wendy and Rico )

Rico and Wendy: WHAT'S UP SONNY!

Alberto: I had an EXTREMELY bad dream that was the continue that 1113 skeletons came out of the ground and the biggest eaten me!

Hugo: Yeah, it is scary for you

Alberto: Not Scary.

Hugo: But Yes

Alberto: But I Not Feeled Any Scariness

Hugo Rico and Wendy: Watch it when you are bigger.

(Alberto's Sisters and Cousin Hugs Alberto)

The end