The Title To The Episode

Nick: Hi Folks I'm Nick Hiroshino Welcome To The Kid Brigades First Ever All About The Citizens Of Tastyville Video! Are You Ready To Let Me Tell You About Tastyville's Great and Oridnary Citizens Great Lives I Know I Am

The screen of the film reeler breaks and explodes


Scooter: I put in the wrong disc, Sorry.

Nick: O.k lets continue!

(A Video Showing A Woman Giving Birth To Quintuplets)

Nick: The Spot Quintuplets Were Born In La Coruña, Spain To Dario And Makala Spot And Who Helped Makala Delivered Her Babies's And It Wasen't Deilvery Boy Roy...

Scooter: My Big Brother Allan?

Nick: Bingo! Anyhow When The Quintuplets Were Still Babies There Parents Died Along With Allan's Mother

Yippy: Aw That's So Sad

Nick: Yes It Is But Allan And The Baby Quintuplets Got Away Into A Boat That Had The Old People In There Younger Days.

(The video Shows Allan with Olga)

Nick: Please let our Leader Greg take over.

Greg: When the Quintuplets were 8 and allan was 19 they found? A baby on the street.

(Scooter Turns The Camera To Her)

Scooter: And That Baby Was Older Brother Johnny!

(Turns Back To The Video Showing A 10 Month Old Johnny Sleeping With 10 Year Old Quintuplets)

Everyone: Awww

Lisa: Ugh

Nick: The Quintuplets Coutinue To Live With Allan Until They Were 15 They Started To Live In There Own House Witch Allan Payed With His Own Money Then When They Looked Into A Mirror They Relized That There Fraternal!

Radlynn: Oh Is That So

Lisa: Well They've Been Fraternal Sense They've Been Born!

Nick: The Reason Why Is Cause Kahuna Is Spanish-Hawiian And Georgito Being The Same Size Sience They've Been 8!

Lisa: Now That I Didn't Know

Nick: Only, Rico, Franco, And Hugo Kept There Spanish Skin Tone. And When They Were 35 They Were Getting Facial Hair!

All The Girls (Exept Lisa): Ewww

Lisa: Well That's A Terrifing Sight I Saw When I Was Still A Infent

Nick: When They Were Fourty Kahuna Got A Goattee, Rico Got A Beard And Mr Lisa Got A Mustache. Georgito And Hugo Didn't Get Facial Hair.

Lisa: Now That Explans Why Berto Has Facial Hair

Nick: When They Were 42 Kahuna The Oldest Got Married  To Wendy Fender And They Had Two Cutie Pies Leila Luna Spot And Newborn Gustavo Dario Spot.

Yippy: Yeah And When I Saw Him He Was Cute As His Daddy When His Face Is Stuffed

Nick: When The Quintuplets Were In Collage On A Rainy Day A 12 Year Old Johnny Was Jumping In The Mud He Found A Baby Basket With A Baby Girl In It

Scooter: And That Baby Girl Was Lovable-Tomboyish Little Scooter Me

Nick: Oh I Almost Forgot. Rico Had Three Kids. Alberto Alejandro Spot My Bully, Cecilia Lori Spot The Celebertie, And Rachal Fiona Spot Or Rita Spot As We Call Her And Franco Had A Daughter Who's Right Here In The HQ.

Lisa: And That's Lisa Tiana Hija Spot Me!

Nick: Right So That's It From All About The Citizens Of Tastyville Video Bye!

(Video Camera Goes Off)

the end