This book is going to be with 5 chapters. Not doing chapter 1 because there is a chapter 1 made by A Wikia Contrupter. Here we go!

Marty, Tony, Hugo, Sue, Willow and Mary go to Powder Point mall with their friends Rita, Matt, Franco, James, Lisa, and Mindy.

Marty and Rita: Look at my friend Nick. He's eating some hamburgers!

Franco: Sue! Where?! Are?! You?!

Sue: I am at the spa CAUSE! I! AM! A! ZOMBIE!!

Franco runs to the spa

Franco: SUE! Why did you turn into a zombie?

Sue: Because everybody hates me.

Franco runs to get fireworks.

Willow: Here, Borrow some of my fireworks.

Scooter: Help me! I am stuck on 3rd floor and i am by a bad guy, HELP! HELP!! HELP!!!

Franco calls the police.

Franco: Hello. Scooter is by a bad guy on third floor. Come Asap!

Police: We are now busy by Sarge Fan's lab to check over everything, So it will take us 45 minutes to be busy. Brb!

Franco: Okay. That would work.

Franco: Brb kids! I am bringing fireworks to the spa. And the police shall come to the third floor in 45 minutes! See you soon!

Marty with Rita, Tony with Matt, Hugo with Lisa, Willow with James, and Mary with Mindy: See you soon!


Franco: Here, Put the fireworks in your mouth and you will become a more bigger zombie!

Franco puts fireworks in Sue's mouth.

Sue: 1, 2, 3, THEN I EXPLODE! BOOM!

Police car drives to the mall.

Franco: SUE!! COME BACK!!

Police man: Hello. What do you need again?

Franco: Scooter is on the third floor. We need you to get on up and save her.

Police man: Okay! That sounds good.

Franco's phone rings.

Franco: Hi! Do you want a date out, Sarge Fan?

Sarge Fan: No. But please, Come after you leave the mall.

Franco: Okay!

More coming soon!