Allan, Rita, Akari, Scooter, Lisa, and Clover go to the zoo wearing animal costumes.

Scooter: I love this lion costume! Makes me feel like I'm king of the jungle! Roar!

Clover: Okay, your majesty. I still like this cheetah costume. It makes me feel a lot faster!

Lisa: And I love this tiger costume! But it's not fair that Rita and Akari get the best ones! Rita has a black lion costume, and Akari has a white tiger costume!

Rita: So? Black lions don't even exist! I think. I've only seen photos leaked online but they're digitally altered.

Akari: Yep. And we all know that white tigers exist.

Allan: I'm the one with the best costume! A black panther!

Scooter: (scoffs) So? There's nothing special about black panthers. All panthers are black! It's boring!

Clover: Yeah, I agree with- (gets shot by a tranquilizer dart and faints)

Lisa: Clover! Oh, my gosh! Please don't be dead! She's still breathing, she's just knocked out.

Scooter: Mutha fu- (gets shot and faints)

Lisa: Oh, jeez! Oh, my go- (gets shot and faints)

Rita: Looks like we'll have to carry the- (gets shot and faints)

Akari: We can't carry all of them at once! (gets shot and faints)

Allan: Holy cra- (gets shot and faints)

Announcer: Five hours later...

Clover: (groans and slowly wakes up) What? Where am I? (bangs against walls) I'm in a box!

Lisa: Clover? Clover, are you there?

Clover: Lisa? Yes!

Scooter: What's going on?

Lisa: Scooter, you're here too!

Akari: Huh? (bangs against walls) What the frick? Where am I?

Scooter: We're in boxes!

Allan: Scooter?

Scooter: Allan? Thank goodness!

Rita: (slowly wakes up) Hey, guys, what's up? Where's the fire?

Allan: Um, she sounds drunk.

Akari: She's been drinking too much soda. She's been stashing some in her costume. I guess she woke up before us and drank all of it!

Rita: He he he, I love potatoes!

Clover: What?

Scooter: HA HA HA!

Rita: Where are we going? Hawaii?

Akari: No! It's a transfer! A zoo transfer!

Scooter: *GASP* MUTHA FU-

(The cable that was holding the boxes together breaks and the boxes go tumbling off the ship, landing in the ocean)

The girls: AHH!

Clover: LISAAA!


Clover: No! Lisa, come back! Don't go!

Announcer: Later...

Clover: Ah! Ow!

(The box Clover was in tumbled across a beach)

Clover: (breaks one end of the box off and climbs out) HOLY CRAP! AAHHHH! LISA! SCOOTER! RITA! ALLAN! AKARI! LISA! ALLAN! RITA!

(She yells through the night and into the morning)

Clover: Lisa... Allan... Rita, Akari, Scooter...

Lisa: Get me out of this thing!

Clover: Lisa! (she runs towards Lisa)

Lisa: Get... me... out!

Clover: Okay! (tries to break box) OW!

Lisa: Um, I think you should loosen the nails!

Clover: (tries to pull out the nails) I can't! We need Mordo! But there's no way she could be here at this time! She's all the way across the ocean!

Lisa: Look, it's Rita!

(Rita is riding two dolphins)

Rita: All righty, boys, party's over. (she flips off of them)

Clover: Are you still crazy?

Rita: I like potatoes!

Lisa: Yep. Get me out of this stupid box!

Rita: I will! (she breaks open the box)

Lisa: I'm free!

Scooter: (the box she's in tumbles across the beach and she climbs out of the box) MUTHA FU- (she trips over a rock and hurts her ankle and does a high-pitched voice) OW! HELP ME UP!

Clover: Where's Akari?