1. Yes, I know Penny and Alberto are in high school (just read Penny's flipdeck, my god....). As much as I hate how people think they're like 20 something, meh. Not for this one.

2. Viewer discretion advised.

3. Yes, I'm staying my old 9 year old self in here. This does not connect to other fanfics, and I'm not stopping ag

Alberto: So, Penny....

Penny: Yes?

Alberto: Since we've been girlfriend and boyfriend for a while now, and we're old enough.....

Penny: Old enough for what?

Alberto: *takes out ring* Will you marry me?

Penny: *gasps* Yes! I will!

CoolA: *gasps* *throws sundae at*

Alberto and Penny: *dodges*

Penny: W-what was that for!?

CoolA: Must I say this EVERY TIME!?!? *grabs speakerphone* YOU GUYS CAN MARRY ONCE YOU'RE 18 OR SO! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alberto: *sigh* We're not teenagers. Why do you keep making that mistake?

CoolA: Oh.....okay then, go get married, have it out, use a condom, make sure you keep Penny from crying when you're doing it because I know you aren't a person who would really be gentle as told, BLAH, okay bye. *throws knife at*

Penny: Ah! *covers face*

Alberto: Don't worry. It didn't land near us....