Eureka House

(Greg Was Asleep When Woke Up And Goes Into The Living Room And Sees Stuff Under The Tree And In His Stocking)

Greg: It's Christmas

(Greg Runs Into Mary's Bedroom)


(Mary Wakes Up)

Mary: Oh My Greg It's So Early It's Oh My Goodness It's 8:30 I'll Wake You Brothers And Sister

(Mary Knocks On Robby's Door)

Mary: Robby Time To Get Up

Robby: Ok Ma

(Mary Knocks On Cooper's Door)

Cooper: I'm Getting Dressed Ma

(Mary Knocks On Peggy's Door)

Mary: Peggy Get Up!

Peggy: I'm Up Ma

(Peggy, Cooper (With Cookie) And Robby Comes Out Of There Rooms In There Pajamas And They See Greg And James Sitting On The Couch With There Presents)

Greg & James: Can We Open Our Present's Now?

Mary: Sure Why Not

(Greg And James Opens There Presents)

Greg: Oh A Sweater!

James: Wow A Football

(Greg And James Switches Gifts)

Kay House

(Sasha Was Asleep With Taylor When She Woke Up Seeing Her And Taylor's Presents On There Bed)

Sasha: Ooh Taylor Wake Up!

(Taylor Wakes Up Seeing His Present Then He And Sasha Reached There Presents And Opens Theme)

Sasha: I Gotta Pizza Monster Hat

Taylor: Hey I Gotta Picture Of Me At The Beach!

(Sasha Stairs At Taylor)

Taylor What? It's What I Asked For